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...that feeling of really wanting to do something, but not being able to pinpoint what it is.

I do not like that feeling. It's so frustrating.

apparently, all old ladies have a threshold for vulgarity
alice in wonderland: birthday!
- and that threshold is quite high.

Having dinner with Bruv and Bruv's girlfriend (pocket-sized, possessed of adorable glasses), a silence eventually fell. Nana took it upon herself to fill this void. With Brendan Grace jokes. One hokey one about an old man, a nun and a doctor with a limited understanding of doctor-patient confidentiality ("Of course she's not pregnant - but it cured her hiccups, didn't it?") was followed by...

...a joke about a man with gout who used viagra-induced erections as a means of ensuring the bedsheet never touched his feet.

This does not do justice to Nana's inimitable style of telling it. It was like being thrust into a scene starring Betty White, without warning. We are still reeling. This is the woman who watches Countdown every day, so that she can keep a tally of how short the presenter's skirt is, and judge her for it.

A more sedate evening followed, during which she spoke at length of the religious atmosphere of Lourdes.

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the second day of summer
alice in wonderland: birthday!
Today, I went for a walk without my coat.

This may not sound momentous, but it sure felt it. I was there, standing outside my car, with my coat on, and as I began to walk, the thought snailed into my head, '...I...don't...think...I...need...this...coat.' My body nearly PHYSICALLY rejected the thought, like a recently donated organ. But I was warm! It was like pulling off a layer of skin, leaving that coat behind, but the rain and capricious breeze never took their revenge - though I was an open target!

doesn't 'addition with renaming' sound like a good fic title?
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...or am I overtired and somewhat overinvested in the mathematical attainments of seven year olds?

I tell you, there is no feeling even close to the relief you feel when a child starts with the units, smoothly carries a ten over onto the tens side and then adds the tens correctly.

Likewise, there is nothing like the soul-rending despair you feel when a child puts the ten onto the tens side BEFORE EVEN ADDING THE UNITS. It's like a physical pain. Still progress is being made...slowly. The kicking and screaming has died down, and I don't cry as much in class, anymore :)

Also, threeish weeks before the First Communion.

My coping mechanism has been a full fledged spinning into fannishness via The Monkees. Oh my GOD, I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE and ADORE this show. Okay, I could, but poor pheobep has already had to bear the brunt of my enthusiasm.

I feel a bit ghoulish, because my original interest was sparked by Davy Jones' passing, but I ordered the DVDs and ohmygosh, THIS SHOW HAS EVERYTHING!! Cute, funny lead characters - zany situations - kidnappings - INSANE ROMPS SET TO MUSIC! - writers who think the answer to everything is 'dress the boys up in goofy, adorable costumes' (THEY ARE NOT WRONG!).

HENCE - a meme! Snurched from rose_of_pollux, but cut to spare non-Monkee fans and the disinterested :)

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the moment when innocence is lost...
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Today in our comprehension question, the children read a passage about money, and about how people - like nurses, teachers and doctors - work for money. One little girl raised her hand and said, "Teacher - does this mean you get PAID to look after us?"

I asked her what she thought.


I had to regretfully inform her that yes, I do get paid to teach.

"So," she said, suddenly eyeing me with suspicion, "This is just a job to you?"

we're too busy singing to put anybody down
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Aw - I remember being a kid and watching repeats of The Monkees on RTE - RIP, Davy Jones. Just watching the theme song still makes me feel goofy and happy.

fannish taste for AUs remains unabated during book roundup
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The stockpile of books is slowly but surely diminishing! Also, adopting DEAR into the classroom turned out to be a really good thing - five minutes guaranteed extra reading time for me as well as the kids during the course of the school day!

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so then, the gigantic whale yawned and i escaped!
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...or I kind of sucked at posting here for quite some time.

Clearly, I am just a fandom-centric livejournal-er, since falling out of Life with Derek fandom stopped all my livejournal activity cold. I didn't stop like, eating sandwiches and speaking to other people or anything, but without the excuse of fandom, documenting the sandwich-eating and the people-speaking seemed kind of silly...

Pre Life with Derek, I was pretty much a silent-but-enthusiastic lurker, like a mime who seems PASSIONATELY INTO walking against the wind. And my replacement fandom, Pros, is again a call to dig out the false moustache and the face-concealing hat and return to lurker-dom. I love Pros, but not at all in a create-stuff way.

Nuff whingery. Have some Victoria Wood and costume drama parody :)

curse and bless you julian fellowes!
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So, I have fallen prey to Downton Abbey - not just prey in the 'detached enjoyment of Edwardian soap opera' way, but full on fannish engagement. I HAVE ICONS NOW!

And the thing is, it is SUCH a soap opera, and it does not hesitate to pile on the ham and melt cheese on top of that. But but but - in spite of that, I am HOOKED.

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the shop around the corner
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I just saw 'The Shop Around the Corner' - and it may just be the sweetest thing ever! :) Look!


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