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so then, the gigantic whale yawned and i escaped!
popular: queen
...or I kind of sucked at posting here for quite some time.

Clearly, I am just a fandom-centric livejournal-er, since falling out of Life with Derek fandom stopped all my livejournal activity cold. I didn't stop like, eating sandwiches and speaking to other people or anything, but without the excuse of fandom, documenting the sandwich-eating and the people-speaking seemed kind of silly...

Pre Life with Derek, I was pretty much a silent-but-enthusiastic lurker, like a mime who seems PASSIONATELY INTO walking against the wind. And my replacement fandom, Pros, is again a call to dig out the false moustache and the face-concealing hat and return to lurker-dom. I love Pros, but not at all in a create-stuff way.

Nuff whingery. Have some Victoria Wood and costume drama parody :)


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