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we're too busy singing to put anybody down
monkees: the gang
Aw - I remember being a kid and watching repeats of The Monkees on RTE - RIP, Davy Jones. Just watching the theme song still makes me feel goofy and happy.

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Was just posting something similar on Facebook. Nice thinking that all over the world right now, people are listening to the Monkees.

It is nice, isn't it? I hadn't thought about The Monkees in years - but hearing about Davy Jones brought it right back - it's amazing how firmly childhood shows are embedded.

Oh, thanks for posting this! I'm feeling nostalgic about watching Monkees reruns as a kid.

Me too - when I hear the theme it brings me right back to childhood :)

I hadn't heard that Davy had died. He was my favorite Monkee. Rest in Peace, Davy

I know - I hadn't thought about The Monkees in years - but it was such a shock to hear about Davy Jones.

The Monkees were always very underrated.

Enjoyed the hell out of the Monkees marathon on TV this weekend. Sorry that it happened under these circumstances.

Also, 66? Too young. Way too young.

The Monkees were always very underrated.

Yeah - I hadn't thought of them in years, but when I heard about Davy Jones, I went on a full-on nostalgia kick...but even through the nostalgia, they were funny and adorable and played catchy tunes...

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