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the moment when innocence is lost...
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Today in our comprehension question, the children read a passage about money, and about how people - like nurses, teachers and doctors - work for money. One little girl raised her hand and said, "Teacher - does this mean you get PAID to look after us?"

I asked her what she thought.


I had to regretfully inform her that yes, I do get paid to teach.

"So," she said, suddenly eyeing me with suspicion, "This is just a job to you?"

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Heee! That's DARLING! And wonderful! And...oh, brilliant!

I thought it was funny too :)

Ahahaha!! I thinks it's lovely that she thought you taught for love only, not money.

I know - what a great way to look at the world :)

This is hilarious. I love the little girl's outrage.

And I really wish you could respond with the line that it's not her, it's just you. You aren't fully committed because the job is paying you to be there. That is things were different, you would actually love to be here, payless. ;)

This is hilarious. I love the little girl's outrage.

I know! I felt like I had let her down by telling her about this whole work-for-money business! :)

I think you did indeed. :D

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