alice in wonderland: birthday!

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apparently, all old ladies have a threshold for vulgarity
alice in wonderland: birthday!
- and that threshold is quite high.

Having dinner with Bruv and Bruv's girlfriend (pocket-sized, possessed of adorable glasses), a silence eventually fell. Nana took it upon herself to fill this void. With Brendan Grace jokes. One hokey one about an old man, a nun and a doctor with a limited understanding of doctor-patient confidentiality ("Of course she's not pregnant - but it cured her hiccups, didn't it?") was followed by...

...a joke about a man with gout who used viagra-induced erections as a means of ensuring the bedsheet never touched his feet.

This does not do justice to Nana's inimitable style of telling it. It was like being thrust into a scene starring Betty White, without warning. We are still reeling. This is the woman who watches Countdown every day, so that she can keep a tally of how short the presenter's skirt is, and judge her for it.

A more sedate evening followed, during which she spoke at length of the religious atmosphere of Lourdes.

11 - Character with your favorite voice. Well, for singing, it has to be Micky, who has just such a distinctive voice. Then speaking-wise, Mike and Davy just have such fun accents.

12- Favorite "Out of Character" Moment. Two! I have to mention the Monkee’s Paw scene where Davy is SO CLEARLY stoned out of his mind and ridiculously giggly and happy. I have watched that part over and over and it never fails to make me smile. Also, there’s one scene in an episodes where Micky says ‘Gosharoonie!’ (for the first time?) and Mike Nesmith just looks at him like, ‘I cannot believe you just said that out loud, you massive tool’ – and Micky just makes this abashed, amused, ‘IDK! I was trying something!’ facial expression.

13 - A Funny Scene You Enjoy. I kind of can’t get over how legitimately funny the show is. So, a random choice – the scene from ‘The Picture Frame’ where Mike, Davy and Micky have been jailed for robbing a bank (they thought they were actors in a film), and Peter comes to visit them. They demand to know if he’s brought the file – and he hands out three emery boards that the others start ecstatically filing their nails with ☺ Too funny.

14- Character you’d want to cook for you. Um. I have no desire to try Cream of Rootbeer soup. If it brought down a horse, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to taste it.

15- Favorite Conversation/Piece of Dialog. Again, fantastically hard to narrow down. Yay! Okay, off the top of my head.
“It’s no good Baby Face, you’re a has-been.”
“No, Tony. I was a has-been. Now I’m an am-is.” Micky impersonates a criminal called Babyface Morales in Alias Micky Dolenz, and scutters the has-been argument in inimitable style.

6- Your OTP (romantic or platonic). Kind of an OT4 thingy. All four Monkees being BFFs forever. Um. Although...within this OT4, I may...kind of ship every possible pairing indiscriminately. I can’t help it. I am an inveterate shipper, and they are adorable.
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