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in which my emotional state is 'gavin rumsey's faaaaace'
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I spent most of the day ripping the entire Mrs Brown dvd collection (obviously called Mrs Brown's Box). This pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole thing -

This is even more pout-inducing than the time my significant other left me, cleaned out our joint account...and there was no milk in :(

ambushed by fandom...
pros: elbows and crossed arms
*Comes in*

*Blows dust off everything*

Long time no...anything. How is everyone? I can't believe summer is halfway over. Puck is showing up in my facebook-event-thingy, and that is a sure sign of holidays coming to an end. I have done my online courses, bought a tonne of 'I won't even NEED to teach now I have this book' books from Amazon, been to Vegas (where I actually got to meet pheobep and that will NEVER NOT BE EXCITING AND AWESOME!!!), dug out my hula hoop in the hope of maintaining a summer-exercise regime, been part of another play...

...and relapsed into a serious case of love for one of my old fandoms. It's true - they never truly leave you... Prior to getting really really into LWD and restarting the actual wanting-to-write/contribute-to-fandom motor, I lurked in Pros fandom for a few years. Pros is this 70s-80s kind of...British Starsky and Hutch equivalent...except I like the character dynamics way better than Starsky and Hutch! And last week, I was looking into doing one of those FOREVER OTP memes - you know, the OTPs you carry with you and bring a level of over-invested 'BUT THEY MUST BE TOGETHER, BECAUSE IT IS DESTINY!!!' enthusiasm to proceedings...and I thought I'd check in with Pros - and seven days later I am back in obsession-land, hoovering through fic and searching out icons and joining comms like crazy :)

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And now here I am again! ...I think part of it is the fandom. There are some stories in this fandom - some authors - that just get right into my bones. You know, those stories in whatever fandom that hit you in a way that's different from other stories in that fandom. You end up carrying them with you.

Assuming anyone has hacked through the Pros rambling to get to this point - what are your right-down-in-my-bones stories? The ones that, no matter how far removed you get from the fandom, thinking about them, or re-reading them, still gives you that *punch* as a writer or reader?

it's always in the last place you look
alice in wonderland: birthday!
I've been going through my hard drives looking at past scribblings, in search of some old Harry Potter fic I once wrote - and stumbling across stuff I don't remember writing, stuff I can't remember the planned endings to, and a horrible amount of cloned documents with only unhelpful titles like, 'It' or 'It1'. There is NO SIGN that this thing that I actually REMEMBER writing ever even existed! This urge to revisit began as a mild whim - it is slowly turning into an obsession.

In other news - I watched 'The Eagle' with Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell rambling about filmCollapse )

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I feel like one of those skeletons that go around rattling chains in old houses - I've taught down to the bone, and now there's nothing left of me but a ghostly once-was of a teacher.

The kids are dropping like flies too - some mystery virus is making the rounds and targeting my class in particular. I am taking this as a sign that holidays are gravely needed, in order to restore immune systems.

On the minus side, I am down one ipod, but on the plus side, I am up one podfic! :) bessyboo very awesomely recorded 'Pavlov's Dog is Chasing Schrodinger's Cat'. Without requests for remuneration for lost time or anything! This is absolutely one of the coolest things ever to happen to me in fandom.

I have also managed to read a couple of books. On the advice of the Chicklet, I devoured 'The Hunger Games' trilogy - which was really really good (though the first book is my very favourite), and after watching Russell Brand be very thoughtful and articulate in a comedy interview, I read his Booky Wooks. The second one got a bit rambling and luvvie-ish about celebrities, but the part where he meets Katy Perry is surprisingly moving, and the first Booky Wook is really interesting. Yay literacy!

The only bad thing is that, just because I've read the Booky Wooks, my recommendation list is rife with Russell Brand. Like, you let him get his foot in the door, and suddenly, he's everywhere. Which is annoying, but also fittingly Russell Brandish.

How to Make a Delicious Eton Mess...
jeeves and wooster: the duo
...this is one of the little Yahoo headlines today. I can't help thinking it would be an awesome title for a Merlin AU where Arthur and Merlin are students and there is...rowing or suchlike.

Speaking of things that are/sound like desserts - Richmal Crompton always sounds like a delicious, buttery/crumbly type of biscuit/bun to me.

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vague yearly stock-taking
joa: god
So, in retrospect, this was the year of Learning to Say No. Which maybe doesn't sound particularly momentous...unless you're almost pathologically committed to the smooth flow of other people's agendas. In which case standing firm like a stubbornly rooted stump, and insisting other people's agendas flow around you...kind of becomes a big deal.

Okay, the lesson came as a result of becoming completely overwhelmed, and feeling obligated and exhausted by other people's expectations. And I still don't like saying no. But I did and I can.

Writing wise...this year was like being on a treadmill. Sure, every so often, I'd fire up the machine, but I didn't really go anywhere. I have a bad habit of working myself into a rut. A nice rut, a comfortable rut, a rut that I feel at ease with...and not challenging myself to move beyond that. And it's nice not to have to face the fear of sucking...

...but it also kind of sucks not feeling the satisfaction of meeting a challenge. I've had so many ideas that I never even got started on because they were outside my comfort zone, or they seemed like they'd be too much hard work (I am nothing if not laaaaaazy), or it was just easier to stay inside my safe space.

So this year, I want to challenge myself more. Write more, and in different ways. Get into some kind of a routine.

Also - finish things. Because follow-through is a virtue I would very much like to acquire.

So - vaguely formed resolutions
1) Form own definite agenda and evaluate it against other peoples' agendas before saying yes to anything - esp. drama.
2) Challenge self writing wise.
3) Use actual treadmill as more than a tortured simile for writing.
4) Learn to juggle (I would love to be able to do this!)
5) Complete year without crashing into Bruv's car (or anyone else's car for that matter).

Episode: The Goat
Story Number: 9

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my brain has officially turned into mashed potatoes and dribbly gravy
book: alice in wonderland
I walked downstairs, thinking, "I must get my mobile and bring it upstairs to charge." When I got upstairs, I realised that instead of bringing my mobile, I had brought up two small bags of mince pies

if this xmas has shown me one thing
book: alice in wonderland
unoriginal_liz is that 'you'd better watch out' is sound advice.

Reversing into your brother's car - for the third time in as many years - that...counts as a tradition, right?

Apart from this - and the water going off for several days - Christmas has been pretty standard...too much nice food, sloth tempered by the incredible sugar rush of non-alcoholic mulled wine, and period dramas!

As a family, we have made our way through most of the first series of Downton Abbey (we lost Bruv around the third episode, but any concentrated campaign of period drama watching will inevitably lead to casualties), and we were eagerly anticipating the third and final episode of the Upstairs Downstairs update tonight.

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snow! canceller of concerts! ender of school!
arrested development: gm and maeby
I bow before your white almightiness!

This week, while schools across the county closed in droves, due to ice and bad driving conditions - and the prediction of heavy snow-showers, our principal adopted an unhurried, calm, 'It's not as bad as it looks' approach - due in no small part to the Christmas concert scheduled for Wednesday. But though we bravely white-knuckled our way to school, he was forced to cancel the concert and ring parents in the middle of the day to bring their children home.

The snow started at about ten o' clock this morning, and it just. kept. snowing. Heavier and heavier. I can't remember the last time we had snowfall like this - not a few delicately spinning pindots, but a flurry of determined flakes. Down and down and down they fell - softly, but INSISTENTLY. Like Borg - if Borg were made up of tiny ice-particles. Teaching was impossible (...well, even more impossible than usual at this time of year, given that only sixteen out of the twenty-eight in my class showed up).

One parent had an accident - her car skidded on the ice and straight into the ditch. She walked the rest of the way to school, crying hysterically. One parent asked our principal, "Why in the name of God did ye even open today?"

He replied, "T'was madness, I suppose." After some philosophical consideration he added, "Still, if it hadn't snowed, it would have been all right."

...if it hadn't snowed - none of the schools in our area would have closed!!!

Still, I can't complain - as I left, he presented me with the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! A pineapple! Seriously - he handed me a pineapple and said, "Enjoy that." There's something so - delightfully random about clutching a pineapple to your chest as you struggle through snow to your car.

Episode: The Goat
Story number: 9

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world spamination
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I have still not done any Christmas shopping...

...but that is okay, because I have the excuse of snow. Travel-hazardous snow enables me to stay indoors and watch television and wear pajamas all day! :) Except for the part where I ran around the front yard in flip flops because snow is like the surface of the moon - it calls for someone to walk on it.

I also had a dig through my lj, and got annoyed at the fact that I never finished this. Argh - no idea why I can't finish things.

Episode: The Goat

Story number: 9

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